Friday, February 4, 2011


ఈ రోజు గ్రేట్ ఆంధ్రా సైట్ లో చదివిన ఈ ఆర్టికల్ చదివి నవ్వాపుకోవడం నా వాళ్ళ కాలేదు. ఈనాడులో వచ్చిన శ్రీధర్ కార్టూన్ ని ఉదహరిస్తూ రాసిన ఈ ఆర్టికల్ చదివితే నాకు త్రీ ఈడియట్స్ లో "చతుర్" కాలేజీ స్పీచ్ గుర్తొచ్చింది. ఆ ఆర్టికల్ మీకోసం యధాతధం గా ఇక్కడ ఇస్తున్నా. మీరూ నవ్వుకోండి. చదవడానికి నవ్వు తెప్పించినా ఇలాంటి ఖర్మ మనకు పట్టినందుకు ఇది సిగ్గుపడాల్సిన విషయం అనిపించింది నాకు.

By now, it is known to everybody that Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy is not comfortable in speaking in Telugu language. Being a public school student, he has always been comfortable speaking English rather than Telugu. Now, people have started making fun of his language and pronunciation of Telugu words.
Though Kiran had addressed a few public meetings earlier, his language skills have come up for testing in a big way during the ongoing Rachchabanda programme, which is his first major mass contact programme. As he is facing difficulty in addressing the people in their language, the people are facing difficulty in understanding his words.
On Friday, Eenadu carried a hilarious cartoon by its popular cartoonist Sridhar on the language skills of the chief minister.
Reacting to his statement during a press conference the other day that he would not speak to the media again, if they did not carry his statement verbatim in the dailies the following day, the cartoon points out how the statement looks like if his words are published verbatim. Here it is: “Rachchabanda petna dhanki, itla prajalni kalasatam, eevallaku avusaral ki, dhanto pati korey dhanki, ippudukippudu ration carduloo ichche dhanki, ogalya evulkanna lakanna untey dhanki chaanaa varaku mundala mundala….”
Well, I could not control my laughter. Could you?
To refresh the memory of our readers, GA carried a report in the past on the Kiran’s goof up in Telugu while addressing a public meeting last month. Instead of saying Sonia Gandhi’s life is “aadarsham” (ideal), the chief minister said: Sonia Gandhi’s life is a “Gunapatham” (lesson) for all of us. Similarly, instead of wishing that her leadership would make the party “Patishthanga” (strong), Kiran wished that Sonia Gandhi would make the party “gattiga” (hard). And instead of saying the party workers should make her leadership “balopetham” (strengthen), he said: “balavantham” (forcible). Some wag in the media commented: “thank god, he did not say “balathkaaram” (molestation)!